Milk – It’s Doing Your Body No Good

We’ve seen the Canadian Food Guide. We noticed the celebrities with the awkward milk mustaches. We’ve heard that milk is the epitome of nutrition and the only real source of calcium on planet earth. But does milk really do us any good?

Milk is Political

Depends who you ask really. The Dairy Association will have you think that without milk your bones will eventually evaporate into a fine dust. It is literally child abuse to not give your kids at least 2 cups a day (then Oreo jumps in and uses milk popularity to sell more cookies because they are great for dipping. Right.). Logic 101 tells me that the Dairy industry just might have a conflict of interest, but maybe that’s just me and my zest for conspiracy (ahem).

Then you talk to certain naturopaths and nutrition advocates and they say get rid of milk altogether. It causes allergies and digestive issues, phlegm, and all kinds of fun gastrointestinal pain . Plus, it’s meant for baby cows, not humans! The only form of milk that should be consumed is from the mother, and preferably not up to the age of 16.

However, there is a distinct segment that believe milk is fine, and even beneficial, as long as its organic and not pasteurized. “Conventional” cows tend to be inoculated and injected hormones (which equals toxins in their milk), and their milk tend to be heated to degrees that destroys a lot of the value. That’s not what you want. But if you find an “organic” cow, and its raw milk, you are in business (ironically, some organic, raw dairy producers are not in business as the Feds tend to frown upon non-pasteurization. It’s a public health safety issue you know).

Then soy milk was introduced as the new health product (I’m sure an overproduction of soybeans had nothing to do with this) and everyone jumped on that bandwagon. Unfortunately, studies are now revealing that soy is largely GMO, heavily treated, and is wreaks havoc on your digestive system and female hormones. So much for that alternative.

What do I think? Milk is not good for me, even if it is organic. I prefer alternatives like almond milk, hemp milk, or rice milk. However, if you find you have no issues and want to continue consuming it, in the very least go organic and if you can go raw.

But please, skip the Oreo’s.

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