Color as Remedy – Monday

We are continuing with the knowledge series on days of the week and planetary influence on our life.

Do you like looking at the Moon? Does the Moon make you feel more romantic? Or it sometimes makes you look sad and teary? We all depend on the Moon.

Mondays are ruled by the Moon. Our emotions, home, feelings, happiness, and the mind are greatly influenced by the moon. There is a saying: “Monday is a hard day”. There is quite a bit of research which says that a lot of heart attacks and stress happen on Mondays. The reason to that is that during the weekend a person relaxes, his mind and body relax and when one comes to work – the stress comes again. This saying is quite unfair to Monday, as they probably are not aware how to use the energy of this beautiful day in a right way.

On the contrary to this saying, Moon’s energy is very peaceful and calming and this is why hard work is not recommended on that day. Monday is all about the energy of yin and feminine flow. It is also a good day for asking Divine mother to be kind to us in our prayers. This day is beneficial for any household activities such as doing laundry and cleaning. It is good to stock up on groceries for the entire week ahead. Family gatherings, girls’ night out, treats, especially dairy meals will please the moon. To attract Moon’s energy, it is recommended to drink sweetened warm milk with cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger.

The energy of the moon does not respond well to solitude, it calls for communication between souls. Therefore, Monday is a wonderful day to bake something, to have heart to heart with your girlfriends, but mostly to speak or to spend time with your Mother. Walks under the moon by the water are quite soothing and conducive to Moon’s energy.

Anything that pleases and restores our body is beneficial that day. Furthermore, it is beneficial to take care of your plants, because the Moon manages all greenery on earth. This day is good for enhancing your health by massages, herbs, and water procedures.

And speaking about names…you probably heard that the name of each person directly impacts his/her personality. Woman’s name Elena signifies that this lady will strongly depend on the rhythms of the Moon. The name “Elena” is a modern form of the name of Ancient Greek Goddess of the Moon – Selena. Astrologers think that this name radiates a very special energy which is similar to the moon which is a pale yellow and always changing, subtle and elusive. Almost all Elenas are gracious, feminine and sensual. They are advised to live in harmony with their own selves and with nature.

Monday is considered a social day, so any communications related to social life are conducive to the energy of the Moon. Moon is responsible for desire towards life (Rasa in Sanskrit). Depressions, irritability, unwillingness to communicate – are the signs that your personal moon needs help.

It is quite auspicious to donate milk and to demonstrate care about others on this day as well.

What to read on this day for spiritually minded? Those who read or listen to the Puranas and Shrimad Bhagavatam will benefit tremendously. The benefit will not only be spiritual, but rather psychotherapeutic.

Anand Sagar Pathak in his article “Significance of Colors in Astrological Remedies writes: “As for colors, the color of the moon is pale white. This color contains all the seven colors of the spectrum and has purifying properties. It influences the thought process and leads towards virtue and spirituality. However, excess of white is also not good. The astrological methods for strengthening the Moon in the horoscope revolve around white items like white flowers (white lotus, jasmine, lily etc), milk, curd, rice flour, white sandalwood etc and among the gems white pearl is prescribed”. Therefore, the best colors to wear on Monday are off-white and beige. It is recommended to avoid wearing black color.

The Bible says that God created Moon to indicate the times. This should be understood in the following way: The Moon is given to people to indicate which time is best suitable for a certain activity. It suggests the most natural and the closest to nature biorhythm of life. Look at the sky. Do you know which phase the moon is? Which zodiac sign is it going through? The moon is giving you all the signs: sometimes it is a caution, sometimes the go ahead and so on.

“If you want for your venture to be successful, before starting any enterprise, please take a look at the Moon calendar or contact your astrologer; determine if your actions are conducive to what the Moon is saying to you and it’s location. The most important days to calculate with a professional astrologer are: the move, the wedding and the conception!”

A special attention must be paid to eclipses. It is not recommended to start anything new, to move, to get married, or to conceive a child during this time. During this time there is a lot of negativity and psychological instability. This is why the time of eclipse is the time for quiet meditation, the time to light a candle and to give a donation. Moon eclipse is a very special time to manifest for new things to come into one’s life!

The cosmos exists according to the laws of harmony. Look at the starry sky. Things are always in order there: stars and planets move strictly by their orbits, sunrise and sunset happen at a certain time. Our life looks quite chaotic in comparison to this. But if a person – as a tiny part of a bigger picture by the name Universe would like to become happy and healthy, he should live in accordance with cosmic rhythms; he should learn how to correlate to the laws of Universe and to the law of harmony. If each and every one of us knew how easy it is to live when you live in unison with the Universe…There would have been no place for illness, grief, and the life will be filled with light of joy. However, when you are out of sync with nature – no remedies and no doctors can help. This is why we need Ayurveda!

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