Light bars

Use light bars to warn motorists of your presence

Want to warn fellow motorists about your emergency vehicle?  Need highly visible warning devices that help to show you’re going somewhere in a hurry?  Switch on the Light bars that are fitted to your vehicle and along with audible two-tone horns you’ll have ample warning devices.  Light bars have replaced the standard blue flashing beacons you used to see on ambulances, fire engines and police vehicles a few years ago in the UK.  Today there are various types of Light bars in operation and they are made from top quality LED lights, manufactured to the customer’s specifications.  Different police forces, ambulance trusts and fire services have their own unique specifications for Light bars and rotating or xenon lighting equipment is widely available.

Be seen, be heard

The primary function of Light bars on emergency vehicles is pretty obvious.  The light bars act as warning devices to indicate to other motorists that emergency vehicles are on route to urgent situations. Flashing Light bars are the visible means of warning and it’s hard to ignore flashing beacons when you see them in your rear view mirror.  Coupled to special configurations of speakers and sirens, flashing Light bars are highly effective products. Manufacturers of Light bars produce custom configurations of lighting equipment to meet exact customer needs.  They produce a diverse range of lighting equipment including single stack, dual stack, half bar and special types of light bars designed specifically for the emergency services.

Light bars aren’t just for emergency vehicles though

A whole host of industries use light bars and flashing beacons on their vehicles.  You see Light bars in operation at busy airports as various types of vehicles go about their daily duties.  Light bars are used by the highways agency on their motorway vehicles and flashing beacons are also used by breakdown companies when they carry out roadside repairs.  Wherever and whenever there’s a need to give a clear warning to passing motorists, Light bars are the products to use.  They’re highly visible; they’re highly effective and Light bars come in a variety of options to suit all types of applications.

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