Results Based Medicine – A Working Model

In a far away land, a long long time ago, there was this wise old healer, who took the time to listen to his patients, understand their problems, and create an environment where they were allowed to heal. He would also educate them so they could avoid similar illnesses in the future and live happily ever after. The end.

It certainly was the end…the end of an era where the patient and results based medicine were first priority. Current medical doctors stopped that cold turkey for more visits, more prescriptions, more disease, and more money.

So where does a system that values diagnosis and drugs, over education and eating properly, get us?

Exactly where we are today. More diseased, broke, and confused as ever. People don’t know what to think, or what to do, because they have been taught to trust the doctor more than they trust themselves. They figure a man in a white coat who can say a few words in Latin knows far more about their own body than they do, and they’re probably right. After all, our education in school on how to be healthy was the same school they went to…the one that doesn’t exist.

The truth is there really isn’t any money in the current system that encourages educating the public and prescribing food as thy medicine. So from a doctor’s point of view, which has a very limited nutritional base, why would you venture into an arena you know very little about that has very little return to your bottom line?

The answer is you wouldn’t. Why fight the system that’s paying for your Porsche.

So perhaps we need to overhaul the system to change the way doctors interact with their patients. But how do we do that?

Results Based Medicine

Yes, results. How about we consider a system where the doctor is paid when their patient is healthy, and not when they are sick. As ridiculously logical as it sounds, it’s not a system we have ever witnessed, at least not in my lifetime.

How would things change if we adopted this results based model, where a doctor’s paycheque would solely be determined by the health of their patient? In other words, results based medicine!

It wouldn’t be a stretch to believe some doctors would have to go back to school, and not funded by big pharma. The number of prescriptions would drop dramatically, and grocery and health food stores would be filled with people staring at pieces of paper while looking through the superfood and supplement sections. As annoying as that may initially be to the regulars, it would be a refreshing change.

Healthcare spending would go down dramatically as the need for high tech equipment, specialists, and other staff would drop simply through the realization that the right food and supplementation can achieve better results, and ones that don’t require additional diagnoses and doctors.

Unfortunately we are a long ways away from adopting the results based medicine model, so we need to continue to educate ourselves, ask questions, and not take everything our doctors say as holy gospel. They do have knowledge, but only you can feel your pain and know your symptoms better than anyone else, and with the proper education, you can fix them on your own. Its been done and I would know.

But don’t take my word for it. I’m just a guy who found a better way that keeps me out of doctor’s offices. I’m practicing my own results based medicine, and it pays pretty well.

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