Health Insurance – Big Scam

Insurance is typically for things that are out of your control, like lightning striking a tree and crashing down on your new Aston Martin. However, we seem to think that insurance is necessary for our health, like it’s something that could go sour like 7 day old milk on the kitchen counter. The reality is, disease is not a random act you need to pay premiums for, and you’re better off putting that money to work for you, and not your health insurance agent.

Disease Is Not Out of Your Control

A common misconception amongst the masses is that disease is some arbitrary, vindictive, and quick striking phenomena that you are at the mercy of no matter what you do.

I’m here to tell you that is a LIE.

Disease is simply a body that is not “at ease”. It doesn’t inflict itself upon you for any reason, and it has nothing against you. It doesn’t just spring up over night, even though it may appear that way. It is simply the absence of health, due to the lifestyle we have conducted that has welcomed toxicity, stress, and nutritional deficiency.

Let me be clear – your ability to stay healthy (disease free) is completely within your control. Once you understand that, you can become free of fear and free of health insurance premiums paid to take care of you and your family if disease “suddenly strikes”.

But perhaps you feel you have been dealt a bad hand and there’s no way to change that. Well, my response to that is…

Don’t Blame or Fear Your Genetics

It’s a convenient excuse, and many don’t feel they can reverse their self imposed genetic fate. This is only a result of uneducated thinking.

Genetics deals you a set of cards, thanks to your parents (and their parents…). Perhaps you didn’t get the best hand, but like a good poker player, one hand doesn’t make a game. Your ability to keep playing is strategizing to make the most of what you are dealt, and taking advantage of the good cards that you do get.

The truth is your genetics are not your fate. How you treat your genetic weaknesses with nutrition determines your fate.

Don’t let genetics be a convenient excuse to get more health insurance.

Pay for the Best Prevention – Whole Foods and Supplements

I’ve never had health insurance for things I can prevent. It may make sense to protect yourself in case of an accident, but bad health is no accident.

Instead of putting $100 a month to pay your insurance company, why not invest that $100 in whole foods, supplements, and superfoods that can stop, reverse, and stave off disease? Why not use that $100 to increase your quality of life, and not your health insurance agent’s bank account?

For many of you, its because you don’t believe and you are operating out of fear. Fear is a great motivator. It makes people do things they would not otherwise do, like paying for health insurance. They become fearful that if they don’t, they will contract a disease and leave their family with all the bills.

Now don’t get me wrong…I do believe insurance makes sense in some instances, and those policies taken out should be made out of the mindset of responsibility, not fear. Just like the food choices you make should be responsible to protect your health, and not leaving that responsibility to health insurance that has no way of keeping you disease free.

If everyone took the mindset, and the action, that they were going to take responsibility for their health through proper nutrition and exercise, and eliminate their intake of toxins, we would drive the health insurance industry out of practice. You wouldn’t need many of their policies, and you would invest your money in a higher quality of life.

Please, don’t fall for the health insurance scam. It can never give you what you really want…and that’s good health.

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