Healthy Factors – Top Ways to Stay Healthy

You don’t need to wait until a new year to reflect, but it makes as good a time as any. Looking back I realize how much knowledge I have accumulated on a variety of subjects, health being no exception. Lets dig in to the top 10 things I learned in 2011 that are critical to our health going forward.

#10 – Being Healthy Means Being Stress Free

We all have to deal with stress, but many of us don’t really realize how much it affects us.

Think of stress as a full out body clench. Everything tightens up, and the body can only heal in a relaxed state. So if you are constantly dealing with stress, you never give your body a chance to relax and recuperate.

Keep in mind a body in a stressed state also does not absorb nutrition properly, which really puts a damper on an already nutrient deficient diet. A low level of nutrients in any area will facilitate a disease process.

So get your stress under control, and keep that jaw and butt relaxed to stay healthy.

#9 – 80% of Health Resides in the Gut

The very area of the body we treat the worst, is also largely responsible for our health. Not a good situation, is it?

Curiously, the gut is also known as the second brain. If it gets “dirty”, so will your thoughts and ability to think clearly. Anxiety, depression, confusion, brain fog, and memory issues will often be traced back to the health of your gut.

Most people also don’t realize that skin conditions, allergies, and join pain often occur due to an unhealthy intestinal system.

The reality is that your digestive system has probably been treated like the dog treats the back lawn. It’s time to remove the “stains” (cleanse), re-seed (probiotics), and add some quality, natural fertilizer to keep it in good shape (foods high in enzymes and nutrients).

#8 – Thoughts Are Things

Our mind plays a huge part in our physical health as well. How else do you explain how stress (thoughts) can lead to so many physical ailments?

To truly be healthy, you need to make sure the way you think is healthy. Positive thoughts will bring about positive health and circumstances. Negative thoughts will attract negative health implications and circumstances.

It’s really quite that simple. So make your thoughts good ones.

#7 – It’s Healthy to Share (and More Fun)

Part of being healthy means feeling good about your contribution to the world.

Everyone has something to share that makes them feel good, which in turns creates those good feelings that are synonymous with health.

If you don’t find a way to share your passion or thoughts, you give yourself a reason not to exist, which will create unhappiness and other negative consequences.

So get out there, get passionate, and share it with the world.

#6 – Health Is Not Easy, But It’s Worth It

You can’t just roll out of bed and command good health. Things worth having are not that easy.

But what are your alternatives if you don’t make it worth the time? Quite simply, pain and disease will show up a lot quicker, stay for a lot longer, and turn your quality of life into an abandoned outhouse.

Making simple choices every day to maintain your health (like wax on your car) will go much farther than trying to play catch up when it’s too late.

#5 – You Can’t Force Health On Others

As much as you believe you are doing a favour for your friends and family by inundating them with all the new “radical” things they can do to improve their health, chances are they aren’t listening.

Yes, some of us are excited about how we feel, and that’s awesome. However, others don’t understand, are confused, or are outright skeptics on being healthy. Your efforts to persuade them are as fruitless as that money tree you planted.

Bottom line, people will come to you when they are good and ready. When they are, it makes it even more fun to put your efforts into their lives, instead of spending your energy on trying to change others that are not ready.

#4 – Key Health Products Can Keep Sickness at Bay

I have a small space in a cupboard for my health products, and using these few items day to day gives me the power to ward off virtually any sickness, in conjunction with a highly alkaline, mostly organic diet.

Instead of driving to the doctor, I reach into the cupboard and get my “medicine” every day, which means I don’t show up in one of the most unhealthy places on the planet, the hospital.

A healthy immune system fed plenty of complex nutrition and anti-bacterial, viral, parasitic, and fungal foods, gives you a royal flush at the poker table of health.

#3 – Gratitude Brings Abundance

Being grateful for what you have is the first step to abundance. Believing it is the second, and getting ready to receive it is the third.

Nothing brings good health like being grateful. Gratitude brings positive emotions, which in turn brings positive attitudes, behaviours, and health.

#2 – Food Alone Is Not Enough for Optimum Health

Many people believe that a nutritious, organic diet can take care of most people and reverse their health challenges.

I wish I could agree that it’s that simple.

Unfortunately, the majority of people have some serious reversing to do that their day-to-day food just won’t fix. Added to that, we are battling stress, toxins in the air and in our food, EMF’s, and a nutrient depleted food supply.

Yes, it’s vitally important to eat properly, and once you have achieved an optimum state of health you can maintain on diet alone, but the reality is most people are not in that situation.

I’ve seen superfoods and herbs help a lot of people in 2011, and know that without them, they were on a slippery track uphill that was going to be nearly impossible to climb let alone conquer.

Thanks to supplements and potent foods, they got the traction they needed to get healthy.

#1 – There’s a Health Movement Afoot

People are becoming more and more aware that medication is not the answer to true health, and that they simply can’t continue on their destructive path. People are looking for options, because they can’t take their low quality of life any longer.

This is where movements are created….when people are sick and tired (literally in this case) and are forced to stand up and demand change.

I believe we are in the very early stages of a massive movement, where we move away from pharmaceuticals and symptom treating, to natural methods and treating the root cause.

In others words, natural preventative medicine and not toxic reactive medicine.

2012 Will Be a Big Year of Change

Every new year people are prompted to “make a change”. I can’t think of a better year to endorse that thinking, because it is going top be forced on us whether we are ready to change or not.

Unfortunately, the world is not in the best place, but the good news is that a new improved world is always born out of the ashes of the old one.

All that is left for you to do is prepare yourself to adapt and change to your new world. Being healthy, and having a plan to support you and your loved ones is essential.

Get ready.

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