Everything You Ought To Realize Regarding Epilepsy

Based on certain epilepsy facts, it is known that epilepsy is a condition that manifests in different forms, as over 40 syndromes is actually correlated with it. Virtually 3 million U.S. citizens suffer from these syndromes, while about 50 million people suffer from the condition globally.

Next to cerebrovascular accident and Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy is ranked third among the most common neurologic disorders in America. The overall cases of epilepsy can be compared to the overall number of occurrences of cerebral Palsy, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

This condition is discovered to occur mostly in very young and very old people. To date, there are roughly 326,000 children 15 years of age and below who are stricken by the disorder, with over 90,000 of these kids having severe seizures that seem to have no cure.

There has been an increase in the incidence of epilepsy cases among the elderly because those who fit into the “baby boomer generation” are currently getting close to their retirement age. In the USA, over 570,000 adults 65 years old and above suffer from epilepsy.

These epilepsy facts presented below are so astonishing that you can’t even believe it is possible

. This year, roughly 200,000 individuals will be clinically determined to have epilepsy and nearly 25,000 to 50,000 people will die due to complications and seizures. These conditions normally include status epilepticus, drowning, and sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), and many others.
. Individuals suffering from epilepsy are 2-3 times more at risk of dying, in comparison to the remaining population and are about 24 times more prone to going through unexpected death.
. Epilepsy costs US citizens 15.5 billion dollars every year as a result of unemployment and health care expenses

In accordance with epilepsy facts, nearly 30% to 40% of all people with epilepsy who have been subject to treatment still continue to experience seizures. Among all the chronic medical conditions in America, this condition is said to be among the least understood conditions, although one of the most common.

An individual who is affected with this condition is commonly subject to discrimination in the society, which includes education and employment. This might somehow be associated with the fact that nearly all individuals who suffer from this condition are susceptible to major depression.

An individual is at a higher risk of being injured during an epileptic attack in cases where incorrect first aid has been administered, let’s say improper restraining strategies. Therefore, it is crucial that family and friends have some understanding regarding the proper first aid to be applied in cases of epileptic seizures.

Try and look at these epilepsy facts because this can be hugely helpful in making individuals know the true nature of the condition and promote knowledge among those who have friends or family members experiencing such illness.

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