Physios need their football medical kit

Watching the professionals it can seem like the players go down too easily. There’s an awful lot of fakery and simulation. Players dive to win free kicks and penalties or make out injuries are far worse than they actually are. This should never detract from the fact that football can be a dangerous game. Tackles fly in left and right, players are always twisting and turning to beat opponents, which means injuries to legs, ankles and knees are common.

At a local parks level no team should ever be without their football medical bag. In the event of an injury the physio can get on and attend to the player quickly. Armed with a football medical kit they can treat minor injuries there and then, which means players can pick themselves up and finish the game. If something more serious has happened, they can stabilise the situation until professional help arrives.

Injuries can happen at any time and at any level. Knowing that the football medical bag is close by provides real reassurance to players who put their bodies on the line playing the sport they love. There’s always a bit of blood and thunder out there on the pitch. Teams want to win and players push themselves to the limit to make that tackle or score that goal.

Football medical kit contains everything a physio needs to attend to an injured player. It’s full of bandages and sprays to help them patch players up, support the affected area and ease any pain.

No one should ever be fooled by play acting on the football field. This is game that is not without risk and when players do go down genuinely, they need access to medical know how and supplies to attend to their injuries. That kit bag full of first aid supplies is a must.

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