Cure Chronic Prostatitis – How Little Doctors Know

26 years and umpteen Urology Specialists later, I am now a lot wiser about the common and sticky issue of Chronic Prostatitis. For that whole period of time, visit after visit to a Specialist was comprised of a painful EPS and a prescription for antibiotics… That is it, and in hindsight, being the commendable, non-questioning patient did me a lot more harm than good.

When I got the chance to see another whole side of the treatment equation, I was shocked to realise that absolutely none of this “new” language had ever been mentioned before to me by the medical establishment. I now realise that the reason is that few Doctors actually know anything about curing chronic prostatitis, its cause, and indeed treatment apart from the mandatory oral antibiotics.

My numerous Specialist Doctor consultations over the years have involved wildly varying diagnoses based more on opinion than exhaustive, commonsense tests. And the prescription panacea always defaults to repeat oral antibiotics, with the Doctor’s usual last words being “this is something you’ll just have to live with” or “I don’t think there’s anything the matter with you”

The real bad luck while this is happening is that Prostatitis inevitably worsens, and along with that the life excellence of the now chronic Prostatitis sufferer declines. As the years pass, ever increasing levels of misery, depression and financial hardship creep in. The sufferer typically becomes desperate at this stage and pursues ever more radical treatment regimes with wildly varying moods of hope and despair.

All the while something more unfortunate is happening… the sufferer’s immune system is being slowly compromised by the recurrent infections and the repeated use of antibiotics. The pathogens causing the Prostatitis mutate with each antibiotics course and become stronger. As they become more potent and as each antibiotic, one by one, becomes useless, the sufferer’s general condition worsens, and so the hopes of a cure becomes more out of reach every day.

Traditional Prostatitis care techniques in Western countries do not work. Period. And it seems that nothing is being done to diminish this terrible state of affairs. Men with Prostatitis and women with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease have been placed in the “too hard category” in the Western medical industry. Yet, there are individual Doctors spread out around the world who are working outside the box with techniques that make sense, and some of which achieve extraordinary results. Visit one of the leading practitioners at and read about their work. It is very logical and sensible, but do not hold your breath for the Western Medical sector to copy it any time soon.

After 26 years of irretrievable time and money in the Western Medical system, I have followed a cure for Chronic Prostatitis outside Western countries and in the process I have found that cure, and I want you to become conscious that it’s available to you too. Visit where you can end the misery of chronic prostatitis.

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