Find Out How To Enlarge The Penis With Penis Stretchers

Penis Stretchers are clinically proven to work, consequently they are one of the more common ways to improve penis size. As they are also cheaper, they tend to be a recommended alternative to surgery.
Before you consider getting a Penis Stretcher, it’s first a good suggestion to actually understand what they are how they work. Doing so will allow you to decide if they really are suitable for you and your lifestyle.

What Are Penis Stretchers

Through the use of a silicon tube or strap to hold the penis to the device, the Penis Stretchers use the force of traction. The penis then goes into the bottom of the device unit, which fits comfortably at the base of the penis.
Connected to this plastic base is two metal rods, each being spring loaded. The dearer a Penis Stretcher is the better quality the metal rods would be. Less expensive devices normally use nicol, where as more expensive devices use steel or even gold.
Just below the head of the penis, the top plastic support piece would slot into both metal rods. The silicon tube or rubber strap will then go through this plastic support part and hold the penis firmly in place.
For addional comfort, lots of the recommended devices will even give accessories including protection foam. As you use the device you will continue to attach extra metal rods to make the penis stretcher larger and thus increase the penis size.

How Do Penis Stretchers Work?

Stretching the penis for a period of time will cause the cells in the penis to split and multiple.
The principle is the same as building muscle at the gym, although the penis is not a muscle. Exercising your muscle will cause it to “tear”, it then repairs itself and becomes larger and stronger.

The length and girth of the penis will increase because the cells inside the penis have divded and multiplied. Size increasement isn’t the one benefit, due to the stretch more blood will flown into the penis. The result of this would be stronger and longer lasting erections.

The high quality devices are designed to stretch the penis comfortably, therefore you shouldn’t experience any discomfort. The more recommended devices are medically backed; therefore there isn’t any risk of any short term or long term side effects.

What Results Could I see From a Penis Stretcher?

By having a good quality penis stretcher, you would be able to see benefits like;

? Increased Penis Length – Up to 4 inches
? Increase Penis Width
? Curvature Straightening
? Enhance Erection Strength
? Increased Sexual Libido
? Increased Confidence

As you may see there are many benefits to getting a penis stretcher to help increase the size of the penis, although results would vary according to which device it is you use. A higher quality device would tend to have better results than a less expensive device.

In order to see the best results you will want to find a device that is not only proven to work but are also medically safe. Male Penis Enlargement has reviewed all of the available Penis Stretchers , ensuring that you will be able to purchase a device suitable for your lifestyle.

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