The Important Things You Ought to Know Regarding Symptoms of Low Vitamin D in Women

Basically, vitamin D is created by the body through sun exposure. Then the experts have the conclusion that vitamin D would help to prevent of having rickets. Aside from that, researchers found out that, it can also treat and protect the body different maladies. Hence, having a vitamin d deficiency is an unpleasant condition. The vitamin D daily recommended requirement is 400 IU per day for an adult. And those who are aging above 50 years old, increases its requirement to 600 IU per day. An individual who doesn’t meet this requirement is said to be deficient. This information will tackle about the signs and symptoms of low vitamin D in women and how we could prevent it.

What are the causes of vitamin D deficiency in females?

What are the causes of having vitamin D deficiency and who are at risk to this? Those vegetarians are at risk of having vitamin D since most of the foods that enrich with vitamin D are animal products like salmon and egg yolks. Insufficient vitamin D in women will also cause low vitamin D levels in blood, hence this causes overall vitamin D deficiency in the body. Dark skinned women are also prone of having deficiency since their melanin content is high thus preventing the absorption of vitamin D in the skin. Therefore, women are at risk of vitamin D deficiency since they are very conscious in protecting their selves from the heat of the sun. Now, let us learn what the signs of low vitamin d in women are.

Signs and symptoms of low vitamin D in females

Muscle weakness, bone pain and fractures, are the most common signs of low vitamin D in females. Apart from these, other vitamin d deficiency symptoms are unexplained depression, constant fatigue, weakness, mood swings and lack of concentration. Furthermore, other serious symptoms of vitamin deficiency includes sleep irregularities and sleep problems. If all of these happen, the immunity process of a woman is weak also. Older woman with serious condition of vitamin d deficiency have the possibility to fall a lot of times and the level of energy is very low. Vitamin D3 is essential in sustaining the bone health of a woman. The other symptoms of low vitamin D in women include neurological problems and back pain and brittle bones.

In women who are pregnant, the typical symptoms of vitamin deficiency include depressive behavior, mood swings and chronic pain. It is very essential that the pregnant woman have the sufficient amount of vitamin day, since this will help in the fetal development. Therefore, it is important that pregnant women will take vitamin D supplement in order to prevent deficiency.

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