Choosing the Best Yeast Infection Cure By Mati

The list of remedies for a yeast infection is absolutely
huge. Whether you are looking at natural remedies like cider vinegar and
yogurt, pharmaceuticals like Diflucan or Monistat or specialized herbal
potions containing garlic, olive leaf and grape seed extract.. But which
one deserves the title of Best Yeast Infection Cure?

This is actually a really difficult question because every one of these
remedies are great for gaining fast relief from our symptoms. Most of
these also have definite anti-fungal properties but there are statistics
being thrown around that say that up to 95% of us that treat our Candida
this way will end up with a recurrent infection. Why do you think that is?

What if the treatment that we are using is not killing all of the fungus?
This could be because either we are not treating our infection for long
enough, or because the fungus has built up a resistance to the treatment
that we are using.

Here is another question; Why do we have a fungal infection and our
friends don’t? After all, we all do similar things, eat similar foods,
keep the same social hours.

The answer is that our immune system is not as healthy as theirs. Our
immune system is constantly being tested and sometimes it will end up
being damaged. Things like allergies, stress, lack of sleep, pesticides or
even heavy metal poisoning can affect our immunity.

Most people do not realize that Candida is actually a really important
part of our defense force, in fact it is so powerful that it takes an army
of good bacteria to keep it in check. In a healthy person this is done
through the immune system. Without these checks the Candida mutate into
the fungus and begin to create havoc throughout your system. In a
nutshell, if you have a yeast infection it is because your immune system
is not working properly and needs fixing.

So when we hunt for the best yeast infection cure we need to be aware that
our symptoms are only small parts of an even bigger picture. Frequently
the internal infection can be far worse than we imagined

Keeping this in mind we now need The Best Yeast Infection Cure to;

1 – Stop those symptoms – still super important!
2 – Destroy the Candida
3 – Cleanse the system of all the toxins that are left behind – Candida
creates some pretty powerful neurotoxins as by-products!
4 – Patch up our immune system and
5 – Avoid any more infections happening

So, to earn the title of the Best Yeast infection Cure I would expect it
to not just relieve our symptoms and kill off the fungus in the areas
affected, I would also want it to completely cure me. We can just apply
yogurt, Colloidal Silver or Monistat or take Diflucan for the rest of our
lives, but until we start treating the infection from every aspect we are
just throwing away our money.

By ignoring the real cause of our symptoms we may even doing ourselves
more harm in the long run.

To get the best yeast infection cure
that will permanently cure your Candida you can go with a proven program
like How To Cure Candida or you can read Jamie’s reviews of the top three
Yeast Infection programs over at Candida Cures

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