End Puppy Biting-the earlier the better

Puppies are indisputably pretty looking, adorable and fun to play with. We don’t aspire to punish them or shout at them even if they make any mistakes. We even don’t scold them whenever they defile our belongings like shoes or clothes or even bite us but in fact we are committing a blunder. Actually the biting of the puppies don’t cause so bad to us but the biting can cause extremely arduous difficulty when our puppies grow old. Especially we will be discussing about the biting habit of puppies in this article and the remedies to crush this habit.
We are providing you some of the effective tips to govern the biting habit of your puppies through this article. You don’t need to visit any dog coaching professionals; you can simply train your puppies at your home.

. Initiate your puppy training when it turns six weeks if possible as your know that “the earlier, the better”.
. Whenever your puppy bites you, you must try to make it feel that biting hurts you instead of playing with it. For this you must give it a signal that demonstrates the agony like “ouch” or “no”.
. Puppies are very brisk and elvish in personality, so you must provide them with plenty of toys to play with. This will avoid your puppy from chewing other materials like your shoe or your clothes.
. Praising is extremely important while training your puppies, you need to do this if your puppy performs good tasks like lick your hand without using its teeth and similarly.
. Games like tug of war and wrestling creates contradictory aid in your puppies, they become more assertive in nature so you must avoid such types of games.
. Your puppy’s training must not be too much absolute. It should be composed of fun as well. Similarly you must provide heaps of breaks to rest.
. After your puppy gets away from biting habit, you must teach it the “Off” command which means not to touch. For this take a piece of cookery on your hand, close it and say “Off”. If your puppy doesn’t touch your hand after a few seconds, say “take it” and give it the cookery. This will teach your dog that “Off” means not to touch.

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