Top 3 Causes Of Gum Recession

The problem of gum recession mainly occurs when the soft gum line starts to disappear along the teeth. As a result, a considerable amount of the tooth is exposed until the tooth roots are also exposed completely. This problem generally does not develop quickly. Initially, you will experience the symptoms which include red, swollen, and tender gums that tend to bleed for no reason. When you notice any of these symptoms do not wait that it is not causing any serious harm you can wait, it is suggested to consult your dentist right away before things get out of your hands. If this is left untreated, the teeth might eventually fall out.

The 3 primary causes for Gum Recession are

1. Malocclusion or Crooked Teeth

The problem of gum recession is primarily caused due to the irregularly positioned teeth and malocclusion (bite misalignment) along with tooth grinding. These causes are proven to put extra weight on the jaws, teeth, and gums. If you experience the above causes, then you should plan a visit with your dentist immediately to discuss the receding gums treatment to safely adjust your tooth into the proper position. Some people think that the harder they brush their teeth the cleaner their teeth will get and with this thought they just keep on rubbing their teeth with full pressure without knowing that  this is the wrong method and they are causing serious damage to their teeth.

2. Using Tobacco

Another main reason for Gum Recession is the presence of the dangerous chemicals present in tobacco products. People consume tobacco without thinking about its side effects and what damage it can cause to their mouth. Some people ignore these facts just to have a pleasure for a few minutes while smoking. Furthermore, the dangerous components in e-cigarettes and vaping liquid are also responsible for causing gum recession. Contact your dentist right away to get access to the receding gum treatments to restore the oral health.

3. Insufficient Dental Care

Insufficient Dental Care is one of the most common reasons for gum recession. The failure to brush and floss on a regular basis causes the food remaining and plaque to store up between the teeth, ultimately leading to the problem of gum disease. It has been found out that flossing is an extremely crucial receding gums treatment in eliminating the problem of gum recession.

The teeth are known to be a huge factor in determining how healthy your smile looks as people also judge you by how clean your teeth are. The gums are considered equally important. The soft tissues of the teeth are the foundation of your smile, securing the teeth in position and guarding their sensitive roots. This is the primary reason why a receding gum line is a serious oral health condition. Thus, it becomes very important to ensure that the gums are healthy. This can be achieved by changing the lifestyle and oral health practices and defending against receding gums. So these are some of the causes and people should be aware of them.

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