Hemorrhoid Treatment

In this informative article I’m going to explain to you how the three most used hemorrhoid treatments work and what I’d honestly expect from each one of them.

If this is your first time dealing with hemorrhoids, I need you to know that the problem is not as difficult to solve as it may seem. All you have to do is to do some lifestyle changes on your diet and exercise regime and also adopt a good piles treatment targeted to your specific problem. In this short article you’ll learn that there are different ways to treat external or internal piles.

An important thing that I need you to understand first is that most non surgical hemorrhoid treatments that you will be exposed to, do not fix the actual cause of the problem. They simply alleviate the symptoms. If you really want to get rid of this persistent condition than I recommend you learn more you’vedepth what causes hemorrhoids so that you can eliminate the behaviors that caused them on the first place.

Lotions and creams are a very good treatment to try out if you suffer from external piles. These lotions and creams available at your local pharmacy shop will give you a sense of relaxation and decrease some of that swelling that is causing so much pain and discomfort during the day. Ask a medical professional to see if this treatment is adequate to you but remember that this probably won’t be a definitive cure.

Note: If you’ve external piles there are a few non prescription lotions available but check with your doctor first, just to be safe.

If you suspect that you suffer from internal piles than your best bet is usually suppositories. Since internal hemorrhoids do not usually cause pain, the way that people tend to find that they’re suffering from it, is when blood is found on the stools.

Note: Colon cancer can also make you bleed through the anus so you should IMMEDIATELY consult a medical professional if you found blood mixed with your stools.

Suppositories are inserted .your rectum through the anus and create lubrication which protects your piles from rupturing when you have a bowel movement. you’ll have to test this method yourself and see how it works for you as results vary from person to person.

The last method I want to mention your this short article is pills that control the blood pressure choices for when it comes to treat either external or internal your body. Some people notice positive results using this method but I must warn you that some people can get some nasty side effects from the pills so make sure your first check it with your doctor.

If none of the above treatments work for you, you still have other options such as holistic treatment, surgery and pph. a medical expert is the only person qualified to give you the right answer so make sure you consult with him before making any final decisions.

Last but not least, establishing healthy bowel habits is a good way to support your current hemorrhoid treatment, because even though it takes longer to see results compared with pills or surgery, it’s the only method that addresses #the root# #cause of# the problem. Establishing healthy bowel habits is then an important task when one is trying to overcome hemorrhoids, as it’ll prevent the condition from getting worse.

The author of this short article has a website dedicated to sharing hemorrhoid treatment information. Always ask a medical expert to decide the best hemorrhoid treatment for you. The author, Mark V. Gholler.

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