Using an agency to recruit safety safe makes sense

Filling health and safety jobs can be a long drawn out, not to mention expensive, process. Recruitment is a major hidden cost to any organisation. It might sound like a good idea to try to recruit without the help of an agency and not have to pay them their cut, but this is false economy.

Firstly there are the advertising costs to consider. Putting job ads in newspapers and magazines is costly. Then there’s all the work involved in sifting through the cvs that come in to draw up a shortlist. Finally the interviews themselves. Finding the right candidate for health and safety officer jobs is far from straightforward. And handling the process internally costs money and ties up useful HR resources.

Of course an agency takes a fee, but what their customer gets in return is a shortlist of quality candidates. It’s like a really useful shortcut that saves valuable time and money.

For any organisation looking to recruit for health and safety jobs, a great starting point is OS Recruitment. They specialise in helping companies find top quality safety staff. They have access to a great pool of health and safety talent and thanks to their reputation, they are the first point of contact for safety officers looking for a new position.

Health and safety officer jobs don’t have to be hard to recruit for. It just takes one phone call or email to OS Recruitment to get the ball rolling. Safety recruitment doesn’t have to be a chore or a massive drain on company time and money. Good recruitment consultants make life easier for everyone. An organisation advertising a position through OS Recruitment will experience a slick and efficient service that helps them find the right person for the role, without putting any additional strain on already over stretched HR departments.

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