Caring For Your Dog in Their Old Age

As your spritely puppy slows down in its twilight years, it is important to understand that they will need looking after in a different way. Not only will you need to pay them more attention, both in terms of how you look after them and how aware you are of any problems that might be arising, but even things as seemingly consistent as diet will need to be altered.

The right dog nutrition will change over time, and just as a young puppy will need a very specific diet to help them develop in the right way, mature dogs will also need a more focussed diet to ensure that their bodies get the right nutrients to cope with the demands of old age.

The wrong diet will not only leave them physically affected in terms of energy and even disease, but it will also affect their mood. This produces a vicious circle – the more lethargic they become, the less exercise they will do and the faster their bodies will begin to deteriorate. Often the main difference between how long dogs live for is how they are cared for, and the top priority in caring for a dog, at any age, is to ensure they have the right nutrition for them.

It is possible to choose dog nutrition based on age, size and many other factors. The type of food offered by companies such as Hill’s Pets will allow you to ensure you have the perfect mix of nutrients for your pet’s own unique needs. It is also not just what you feed them, but how much, and the same specific nutritionally focussed foods will also offer you a very specific guide on how much to feed your pet.

Ensure you continue to give them plenty of exercise and, more so than ever, make sure you show them a great deal of love and affection.

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