Lovely Home Flooring Choices You Can Never Go Wrong With

For years carpets and rugs have been the most popular floor covering choice. Carpets and rugs have remained a good choice for flooring because of the improved manufacturing and science behind new fibers. There are numerous advantages to using carpets and rugs which is why they have remained a good flooring choice for so long. Carpets provide an excellent value and are an affordable flooring option. Carpets are long-lasting and easy to maintain. There are a range of styles, textures, patterns and colours that carpets are available in which means that they can fit your decorating needs..

In certain areas of your home like hallways bathrooms and the kitchen ceramic tiles are very popular. Ceramic tiles are available in two basic constructions, glazed and unglazed. Depending on the use of the ceramic tiles you may want to choose an unglazed or glazed tile. Available in many different designs, colours, styles and sizes ceramic tiles are a versatile way to meet your flooring needs. Some people might mistakenly believe that ceramic tiles are hassle to install but this is not the case when you use modular patterns..

There are many different benefits to laminate flooring. Laminate is very durable because it is dent and scratch resistant. Laminate flooring has moisture control features and is stain resistant which makes it very durable. Laminate flooring is a good noise insulator and is fast and easy to install. The durability of laminate floors make them a good investment because they do not scratch, dent, fade, scuff or wear over time, making them extremely durable. Unlike hardwood flooring laminate is moisture resistant and a good choice for high traffic areas..

As a flooring choice hardwood is popular for a number of reasons. Hardwood flooring is a long-lasting investment that can increase the value of your home. If you care for your hardwood floors properly they will last for generations. Today, hardwood flooring has durable finishes that are easy to maintain and repair. Since it is durable hardwood flooring is a worthwhile investment for your home..

Cork flooring is similar to bamboo flooring in that both are very environmentally friendly. Cork flooring is made without harming the tree. Cork flooring comes from the cork oak tree and is harvested by cutting away the outer bark of the tree only. It takes about 10 years for the cork oak tree’s bark to grown back, but in this time the tree has remained and can continue to grow. For this reason, cork is a very sustainable and environmentally friendly option..

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