Movie Review: A Game of Shadows

It’s not often that I force myself to go to a midnight showing of a film – so when/if I do, it had better be worth it as if the expectations weren’t high enough for this film. Rest assured it managed to out exceed every one of them. This movie is as good, if not BETTER than the original!

This is a story about cunning, mental agility, and intellectual prowess. We all know of the struggle between good and evil, light verse dark, and we had heard of Holmes verse Moriarty, Guy Ritchie ensures we will never forget the latter. The latest installment of this epic franchise will have you riveted to your seat and leave you wanting more.

As Moriarty’s lust for power, control, and money in 1891 continues to escalate Sherlock Holmes is increasingly becoming a nuisance that Moriarty is determined to eradicate. We find that Sherlock has been watching very closely the news reports of the day and has found that they all lead to Moriarty. Sherlock is determined to bring down Moriarty’s empire, and Moriarty is determined to kill Holmes. With the two powerhouses on a collision course their can’t help but to be collateral damage. You will be kept guessing till the very end and then you will want to watch the film again.

Mr. Downey and Mr. Law – continue their amazing onscreen chemistry of the bickering best friends Holmes and Watson. Across the board the acting was FANTASTIC what a cast and obviously a great director. Jared Harris deserves special commendation – his portrayal of the far too intelligent and over confident Moriarty with a dash of remorseless insanity was mind blowing. He was able to humanize the character one moment, but then repulse you in the very next scene – wow! Since we are on the topic of great performances, Robert Downey truly has a way to convey a world of emotions without a word. The scene on the boat for instance; he was able to display a true feeling of vulnerability tempered with a steeled resolve to overcome, sir you are AMAZING!

Special Agent Satchel: Do not walk – RUN to see this in theaters. The big screen plays a very significant role in this film. Whether is the massive explosions or the slow-motion scenes – you are hereby commanded to see the is film multiple times in theater, then also purchase it on Blu-Ray when it comes out!

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