Real Estate Firm Specializing in Luxury Apartments in Manhattan Launches New Website

The Bouklis Real Estate Group specializes in high end Luxury High-Rise Sales and Rentals in the NYC area and recently launched their new web site to raise awareness to the services they offer. A full listing awaits the buyer or renter.

Buyers seeking luxury apartments in Manhattan are welcoming the services offered by the Bouklis Group, given their access to every listing in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island City, Astoria, and to a certain extent, the Bronx. The breadth of Bouklis’ listing provides potential clients with opportunities not only in their primary location of choice, but also, if circumstances warrant, alternative locations juxtaposing Manhattan. The recent launch of Bouklis’ new web site heralds their arrival as a major player in the Manhattan real estate scene, and through their web site, Bouklis aims to raise awareness to the depth and breadth of their services to potential clients, whether they are seeking to purchase luxury apartments in Manhattan or looking at a financial district rental.

Manhattan is a fast paced nexus of all things contemporary and is unique in its ways. Predictably, real estate transactions in this part of the world are equally unique, moving at break neck speed and commanding a premium in prices, typically a minimum of seven figures. Locals have surrendered the art of the deal to specialists such as the Bouklis Group, wisely leaving the action in the hands of those who do it best. The time and resources necessary to undertake a real estate transaction in New York can easily become overwhelming. More importantly, the options and alternatives are difficult to line up to say the least, and it takes a dedicated expert to navigate the market adroitly, and this is exactly the specialty of the Bouklis Group. They bring Manhattan to the buyer.

Luxury apartments in Manhattan are a coveted commodity and it takes a connected agent to find the best deals on the island. Manhattan dwellers will be quick to point out that there are profound differences among luxury apartments, and it takes a true expert to quickly discern those differences that may not be readily apparent at first glance. The collective experience of the staff of the Bouklis Group enables them to assemble the right collection of property from which their buyers or renters can choose, saving their clients time and money while ensuring they gain access to the absolute best that Manhattan and adjacent locations can provide.

Ultimately, whether their clients are looking to buy or rent luxury apartments in Manhattan, or are specifically interested in a financial district rental, the Bouklis Group has the expertise to guide them through the Manhattan real estate market and ensure that they secure the best possible deal. “We are able to consistently deliver exceptional service a result of our collective experience and comprehensive access to assets that allow us to provide the breadth and depth of real estate options to our discerning clientele. Our recently launched web site provides a narrative of the full spectrum of services we offer,” explains Tom Bouklis of The Bouklis Group.


The Bouklis Group has the largest database of Luxury Manhattan apartments available for sale and rent in the NYC area. We specialize in NYC New Construction Condos, NO-FEE Rentals, NYC Condos and Lofts. You can find Manhattan Retail for lease and sale and NYC Offices. We also service the New York Boroughs, Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn.


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The Bouklis Group has the largest database of Luxury Manhattan apartments available for sale and rent in the NYC area. Please visit: for more info.