Maximize Studio Shares Things Every Business Should Know About The Facebook Messaging Integration

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Facebook’s announcement in January that they would be fully integrating their three primary social platforms was a surprise to the business community. Previously Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, had stated the apps would maintain a separation. From a consumer standpoint this integration will allow a higher-level of connectivity. For digital marketing this is a game changer for those who utilize any of the platforms for marketing efforts.

It’s not often in the tech world that huge changes like this come along.
If you’re building a new business, and developing your online strategy, you may be able to get ahead of the curve by getting into messaging now – while the platform integration is not expected to be fully completed until 2020, now is the time to start planning you’ll be the first in your market to take advantage

By incorporating messaging into your approach, you’ll be well-prepared for the next stage, helping you expand your opportunities faster.

The integration’s a massive opportunity for businesses to reach a bigger and more diverse audience

Along with the three chat applications’ collective billion users, there’s another group that will also earn the most benefits from this app integration – businesses.

Businesses to reach out to customers on three diverse chat applications, from one chat marketing platform how much more effective it will be!

With this new update, you’ll be able to reach a larger, worldwide audience, and spend more time connecting with both new and returning customers.

And there’s no more need to worry about how to connect global markets, with WhatsApp’s largest user bases falling in Asia, South America, Middle East and Europe.

Act fast with chat marketing to gain the most

Already love using chatbots to reach your customers on Facebook Messenger? Get ready to turn on those same chatbot marketing funnels through WhatsApp and Instagram with little additional effort.

Chatbots are making the automating responses the most growing trends in digital marketing, namely artificial intelligence, automation, personalization and interactivity.

Chatbots also have many other advantages. They can serve clients 24/7 and retain their data. Chatbots can respond to several requests from different customers at the same time.

Businesses gain an effective alternative to email marketing

The integration will also give businesses a global channel for direct communication that’s more engaging and user-friendly than email marketing.

Reports show the average open rate of marketing emails is 20%, while the average click-through rate of those emails is under 4%.

Instead, businesses can enjoy 60% to 80% open rates, and click rates much much higher than in email.

This new integration will give businesses a single platform for reaching customers more effectively, business who will invest, and plan now will gain and expand their brand reach.

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