How to Choose a strong Seo Friendly Developer

A Web developer is one of the persons with out which it is not probable to create a site. Even so, while Website seo is concerned, Web designers can be very painful to deal with. Even though there are numerous Web-site designers, who’re SEO-proficient, it really is still not an exception to stumble upon style and design geniuses, who are focussed simply on the graphic aspect of the website. For them Web optimization is none in their business plus they couldn’t care fewer for some thing as unimportant nearly as good search rankings with search engines. Needless to talk about, should you hire this kind of designer, really don’t hope your website may ranking well with search engines like google.

If you will do Search engine optimization yourself, after this you probably won’t good care a lot regarding the Search engine optimization capabilities of your Graphic artist however there are design problems as we will observe next, which may affect your search rankings quite badly. When the person designs the site against Website seo rules, then its not possible to solve this with Seo methods.

Once we say that you should hire a SEO-friendly developer, we presume that you’re a Seo pro and you know Search engine optimization however , if you’re not, then have a look at the Seo Tutorial and the Search engine optimisation Checklist. When you have no idea about Seo, then you’ll definitely hardly be able to find a SEO-friendly designer since you also won’t really know what to think about.

One of the many final exams if a developer is Search engine optimisation-friendly or not is to have a look at his or her earlier web sites – are they achieved professionally, specially in the Search engine optimisation department. If their own past websites do not show blatant Website seo problems, such as the ones we can list in a very 2nd and so they rank well, this can be an advice that this person may be worth hiring. Anyway, once you have a look at past sites, ask the developer if she or he did the Website placement for their past websites because in some instances it may be how the customer him or her self has been doing a lot to improve the website and also this is why this website ranks well.

This is a checklist of frequent design sins that may help make your web site a Search engine optimization disaster. If you notice any or all of the next previously web-sites your could-be designer has generated, just move to the next designer. These SEO-unfriendly elements of design are absolute sins and except if the client made them do it, no designer who would utilize the following techniques deserves your focus:

1 Really rely heavily on Flash

Many designers continue to imagine that Flash is the next most convenient thing after sliced bread. Even while Flash can be extremely creative and make a site look awesome (and load forever in the web browser), heavily Flash-ed web sites are tragedy with regards to Website seo. Simple Html web sites list far better with search engines and as we explain in Optimizing Flash Web-sites, if the usage of Flash is essential, after that an HTML variation of the same web page is much more compared to required.

2 No internal links, or very few hyperlinks
Internal links are back links and they are extremely important. Obviously, this does not mean that every one of the written text on a web page need to be hyperlinked to all another webpages on the website but if there can be only a couple of internal hyperlinks a webpage, this can be a have missed chance to get back links.

3 Pictures, not text for anchor bolts
This is an additional regular problem a lot of designers create. Anchor text is important in Web optimization and when your hyperlinks lack anchor text, that is awful. It is a fact that for list items as well as other web page components, it is much easier to work with a graphic than text since with text you’ll never make certain it’ll display properly on users’ monitors, but since this really is affecting your web-site’s ranks in a harmful way, you need to sacrifice beauty for functionality.

4 Untidy code and a ton of code

In case you have little idea about Html code, and then it usually is extremely hard that you should decide if a website’s code is dirty and if the quantity of code is high but cleanness of code is an important qualification for Search engine optimization. Once the code is messy, it might not be spiderable at all and this may practically don’t include your site from search engines like yahoo because they defintely won’t be able to index it.

5 Excessive usage of (SEO non-friendly) JavaScript
Much like Flash, google don’t love JavaScript, especially lots of it. Really, the worst with JavaScript is that if not coded effectively, it is pretty possible that as a result of usage of JavaScript your site (or aspects of them) are certainly not spiderable, which often easily will mean that they don’t be found.

6 Over optimized web-sites
Overoptimized web sites aren’t much better than under-optimized. The truth is, they are often much a whole lot worse simply because whenever you key word stuff and use additional techniques (even though they may not be Black Hat Seo) to artificially increase the rankings of the web-site, this can bring you banned from search engines which may be the worst that may happen to a web site.

7 Dynamic and also other SEO non-friendly Urls
Well, possibly dynamic Web addresses just isn’t exactly a design issue but if you are getting a turn-key site – i.e. it’s not your decision to upload and configure it and also to create the hyperlinks inside – then dynamic Web addresses can be harmful and you’ve got to request the designer/developer not to use them. You can rewrite dynamic and some other SEO non-friendly URLs on your own but actually this indicates to make dramatic changes to the web site and this also is almost never the point of hiring a designer.

These points are important and this particular is exactly why you’ll want to follow them, when you are getting a SEO-friendly designer. Some of the items on the list are so harmful to Seo (i.e. Flash, JavaScript) that whether or not the website is a design masterpiece and you promote it heavily, you will still be unable to get reasonable rankings. SEO-friendliness of design is a necessity, not only a whim and you also shouldn’t accept a SEO-unfriendly designs – this may be really expensive!

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