Throwing a One-Off Event

If you are throwing any type of event, there is a good chance that you might need a specific licence to allow you to put on entertainment or serve alcohol to those attending. No matter whether your event will be a low-key affair for a handful of people or a major festival to attract people from all over the country, there will undoubtedly be certain licensing laws you will need to address.

Not only will you need to assess the risks present and have certain insurance in place to cover yourself in the event of an accident, but you will also simply need to make sure that you are abiding by all the relevant laws that govern such small events.

For almost any event lasting four days or less, a temporary events notice will be enough. This means that even those without a general licence to put on entertainment or serve alcohol will be able to do just that for a specific length of time. As such, anyone from individuals to major companies can put on all sorts of events to raise money, awareness or interest at a very low cost and without worrying about the legal ramifications.

However, licensing laws can be extremely confusing and knowing just how to go about applying for a temporary events notice and just whether or not this will fully cover you for what you plan to put on is not always going to be easy. As such, going through the right licensing solicitors will be a must.

Without the right licence and in turn without informing the right bodies of your event, there is the real danger that such an event could be shut down on the spot and even applying for a licence that doesn’t fully cover you could lead to the very same eventuality. Therefore, no matter what the event, be sure to talk to licensing solicitors about your needs and in turn make sure you have the right license to ensure your day or festival goes off without a hitch.