Viyella Ladies Coats

Viyella ladies coats offer outerwear for any occasion and in a wide range of styles and designs. Whether you are looking for a coat to wear every day or something for a special occasion or event you can find the colour and form to suit. What’s more, Viyella has built a reputation not only for creating good looking coats but those that are functional, rugged, and long lasting too. Viyella coats are built to last while looking great.


Quilted jackets and wax jackets are especially useful outdoors. They can make comfortable attire when riding, working outdoors, or as a coat to wear in even the harshest winter conditions. The tailoring of the jackets means that it is possible to carry on with your daily duties while wearing these Viyella jackets too, making them ideal for any purpose.


The design and colour are obviously important, and this is true whether you are shopping for casual or for practical use. It may be necessary to choose a colour that works well with your existing outfit or you may simply want a colour that matches your personal preferences. Fortunately, there are many colours which you can choose from that ensure whatever your preferences you will be able to meet them and you will be able to find the ideal jacket.


The coats and jackets are tailored and this means that it is important you choose the right size. With most coats available in a range of sizes from petite to larger sizes you will be able to find the size that is right for you. This is especially important with some tailored clothes because they are designed to fit snugly without proving too tight. The wrong size can leave unsightly bulges and other undesirable shapes in the clothing.


There are many types, styles, designs, and colours to choose from when it comes to picking ladies coats and jackets. There are those that are created as part of a collection or outfit and those that can be worn with a great selection of other clothing and outfits. Choose the right size and ensure that you opt for a style that fits your needs as well as your style.


Viyella ladies coats are renowned for their style as well as their quality. Visit to view these and the extensive catalogue of women’s clothing on offer.


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