Can Cats Be Trained?

Many people assume that whilst dogs can be trained, the far more solitary cats will be far less interested in pleasing their masters with good behaviour. However, there are many different ways to train animals, and from using Pavlovian response techniques to simply making certain acts far less appealing, it can be easy to train a cat to behave, even if you can’t train it to roll over and offer you a paw.

That’s not to say that cats can’t perform tricks. Certain cats have a far better disposition to learn certain tricks and some will easily learn to play fetch whilst others may even learn to sit when you want them too.

However, for most, the training that will be most important will be behavioural training. As with dogs, offering cats treats when they have been good and done what you wanted will often lead them to associate reward with performing a certain action. However, be aware what treats you offer your cat as many will be high in sugars and additives. Instead, the treats should be as focussed as the rest of the pet diet you offer your cat. Companies such as Hill’s Pets offer very specific cat nutrition that extends to treats too, and by offering a pet diet that is well-focussed you will not only keep your pet healthier and improve its general mood, but the right cat nutrition will also usually simply be far tastier too, in turn making training your pet easier.

For house cats, training your cat to stay indoors is easy: simply ensure that you never let them get out. Be focussed on keeping them in every time the door is open. Eventually, they will simply stop trying.

Scratching can be easily stopped. Using aluminium foil on surfaces that your cat is prone to scratching will totally put them off the idea and eventually they will learn not to scratch that area.

There are many ways to train a cat. From not getting up when they wake you and tiring them out late at night through to simply offering them the right treats, all it takes is some persistence and indeed the right amount of love.

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