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For most people diamond engagement rings are the perfect gift to give on becoming engaged, and wedding rings are an ideal way to visually represent the union of two people in marriage. However, you may wish to consider the alternatives to diamond rings available before accepting such a conventional gesture. History provides many examples of great men and women who have presented their lovers, wives and husbands with gifts that have differed from our norm.

Cleopatra, for example, famously gave herself to Roman emperor Julius Caesar wrapped in a carpet. And the Roman’s generally were a little unconventional in their engagement and wedding presents. Caligula decreed that he was so beautiful that every woman in Rome was to be his wife if he so chose. He also added that if the women were already married their husbands should hand over all their gold and property to him as a wedding present. The common Roman soldier was a little less extravagant, often limiting their gifts to herds of giraffes or elephants. The ancient Briton’s had their own charming custom: warriors would present their betrothed with the severed heads of their enemies preserved in lime. Alexander the Great was reputed to have given his partner Hephaestus one of his favourite wives as a wedding present.
But, we can look beyond the ancient world for alternatives to diamond rings.  American statesman and philosopher Thomas Jefferson allegedly gave his wife a field of peas at their wedding; and Napoleon Bonaparte presented Josephine with a gold locket on a chain of Dutch peasant’s hair on their special day.

We don’t sell giraffes or deal in severed heads: or peas for that matter. But if after considering the alternatives you’ve decided to go with tradition after all, then we’re for you. are leading specialists and providers of diamond engagement rings and wedding rings. Contact us today.

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