Starting to Feed Your Newborn Kitten

If you have a kitten then you have a very important role to play in getting her ready for moving from a diet of milk to proper kitten food. For the first four weeks, their mother’s milk gives them all the nutrients they need, and their body weight will increase as a result of that to as much as double, or even triple.

Just as with puppies, kittens need a lot more food as they are growing than an adult cat does. Kitten food needs to be protein rich and specifically designed for kittens. If you buy your cat or dog food online, there should be a specific section of the manufacturer’s website dedicated to food for young pets such as kittens and puppies. This dedicated kitten food will need to be eaten until she’s about one-year-old.

At around five to six weeks, your kitten will still be nursing from her mother, but should have started to nibble on dry food. This must be high-quality and not contain any fillers such as carbohydrates, which aren’t an essential part of a cat’s diet. At around eight weeks, she will stop nursing and start to move towards a complete diet of kitten food. Unlike dogs, who shouldn’t have food left out for them for too long, kittens and cats can be left to eat when they choose and as much as they choose. Dry food won’t spoil if left out, but if you have a dog as well, make sure he can’t get at your kitty’s dinner!

Giving your kitten treats is fine, but these should only make up a very small amount of her diet – around 5% of her daily nutrient intake. The rest should be high-quality food and plenty of water, which is extremely important for cats. You can buy quality cat and dog food online from Hills Pet, who are a global leader in pet nutrition.

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