Dogs Have Similar Needs to Humans to Keep Them Happy

Dogs need the same essentials of food, shelter and love that humans do, but they also need entertainment, stimulation and fulfilment the same as we do too, just in different ways. Just because you get a lot of enjoyment out of spending time with your dog, doesn’t mean that he is completely fulfilled by this. In fact, dogs generally enjoy the company of other dogs, so if you can afford to have more than one, this may be one of the best ways you can keep him happy.

Your dog will also need plenty of exercise to stay happy and healthy. If he’s tired from lots of running around, this is a good thing, and he should get around 20-30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day – just as you should. Taking your dog out for a walk or run is the perfect way of getting that much needed exercise yourself and your dog’s needs can be a great motivator.

Rules are there for a reason and, although we complain at times, most people do like there to be rules rather than chaos. Your dog is the same to a certain extent – be clear in what you want him to do and mean what you say. Don’t be swayed by those gorgeous puppy dog eyes, he wants you to be firm and set him limits on what is acceptable, although a reward when he does something right is probably the best way to train him to your way of thinking!

All animals have natural instincts and urges. When choosing toys for your dog, these should appeal to his predatory inclinations – things that he can chew, chase and shake. Give him a kennel or hut that he can make a den out of, or place his bed under a table to give the same effect.

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