Myths About Cats

There are many myths about pets, and whilst some are simply funny and harmless, other myths could be far more damaging to your pet, and therefore it is wise to know which of the seemingly obvious facts about cats are true and which are not.

Firstly, we all know that cats love milk and that it keeps them happy and healthy, right? Well, this actually isn’t so. Whilst they can indeed develop a taste for it, it is far more healthy for them to drink water, not only to ensure that they stay as hydrated as possible for those long days of roaming but also simply because many cats are actually intolerant to it. It is possible to get milk specifically formulated for cats, but so long as they are getting a balanced diet with very focussed nutrition from a quality cat food, water will be by far the best fluid for them.

Another cat myth is that they always land on their feet. Again, this is not so. Whilst they are very flexible and have an ability to correct their trajectory if they fall, they are not always going to have a happy landing. One surprising fact, however, is that a cat is more likely to survive a high fall than a medium height fall as, with enough time, some cats may be able to position their body to use air resistance to slow their fall.

Another myth is that cats only purr when they are happy. Whilst they do indeed tend to purr when they are happy, they may also purr at other times, such as when they are sick or in pain. The purr signifies heightened emotion one way or another and therefore be sure that you are not complacent when your pet purrs.

Finally, cats don’t have nine lives. Like all pets, they are very much likely to be hurt or injured or fall ill if not treated correctly. Therefore, don’t be complacent with how you care for them. Offer them the right balanced nutrition and ensure that they always have safe places to play.

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