Food for Your Indoor Cat

Whilst it may seem that there is very little difference between an indoor cat and one that is allowed to roam freely outside, in reality each will need very different things to ensure that they remain happy, healthy and safe.

There are those who are against keeping cats inside, but cats who are kept from the great outdoors tend to live for up to twice as long as those who are allowed to roam freely. There are many reasons for this, from the dangers that lurk outside in terms of traffic and other animals to diseases that can be contracted right through to the injuries that malevolent humans can inflict on animals.

However, whilst cats are likely to be healthier and safer indoors, you will need to ensure that they have certain things. Firstly, you will need to offer them far more space and plenty of cat accessories to ensure that they can get the exercise they need to get stay fit and healthy. You will also need a litter box and to know where and how to keep it to make sure they are as healthy as possible and do not put cats off their food.

Which brings us to the final important difference. Just as indoor cats will need very specific cat accessories to keep them fit and healthy, they will also need very focussed food to keep them strong and healthy. Not only will cat food that has been designed specifically for indoor cats help ensure that stool odour is far less intense and in turn that your house is far more fragrant, but the right cat food will also help them get all the nutrients they might end up lacking by not being able to eat freely from nature.

If you have an indoor cat always make sure you have the best quality food possible, and wherever possible food that is formulated specifically for an indoor pet.

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