Expert puppy advice is on hand in store

Taking on a dog is a big responsibility. This isn’t a low maintenance pet in any shape or form. Having a dog as a pet is fun and rewarding, but new owners have to be prepared to give these animals what they need in order to be healthy and happy. First up dog nutrition is very important. They need the right kind of diet, a mix of dry and wet food. The right balance and mix will vary from breed to breed. Next up they need exercise. Lots of exercise. Big dogs will walk for miles each day. It’s not fair to keep them cooped up at home or think that a run around the garden will do. It won’t. And finally they need security and love. Plenty of fuss and a nice warm bed to sleep in at night.

Bringing a puppy home for the first time is exciting. The kids will love it, but it’s also a little daunting, especially for the novice owner. The right kind of puppy care is vitally important to help them grow and develop happily and healthily. Anyone who has never had a dog before has no point of reference, which is why shopping for supplies at a dedicated pet store makes a huge difference.

At Hill’s Pet the staff are always on hand with puppy advice. They know their animals, so anyone who has any questions or needs advice about any aspect of ownership and care can get the information they need. Hills have the supplies and advice to help any new owner take care of their animal problem. These canine companions deserve the very best care. New owners can find what they are looking for at Hill’s Pet, a pet shop with a difference where staff are always on hand and happy to help and advise.