Pet Treats Are An Ideal Training Tool

Getting a dog is a big decision. They take a a lot of looking after. They need plenty of walks and exercise plus they require lots of love and fuss. Give them what they need though and they’ll be a very rewarding pet, giving love back in spades.

One of the most important aspects of ownership is dog nutrition. Canine companions have very specific needs and their diet must be just right in order for them to live a happy and healthy life.

People are really spoiling their dogs, but they aren’t doing them any favours. By giving them too many pet treats and not training and disciplining them properly owners are creating an army of badly behaved and overweight pets. They aren’t children, they aren’t human. They’re just dogs and need to be treated as such. It doesn’t do them any good to indulge them and let them get out of control.

Pet snacks have a place, but it’s important not to go overboard. They are a great training tool for starters. Teaching dogs the basics of good behaviour is very much about patience, tone of voice and having a few treats on hand to reward them. And it’s OK to give them these treats every now and again, but only occasionally.

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