Brits keen to make home improvements

Many people around the UK many be eager to invest in new beech worktops, oak worktops and so on for their kitchens. According to research conducted by Everest Home Improvements, more than eight in ten individuals polled noted they wished to change something about their properties.

The survey revealed that 82 per cent of consumers wanted to make alterations, with the number one motivation being to make their abodes look better. This came above being eco-friendly and reducing energy bills.

Meanwhile, it was also found that women are more keen than men to make changes. Whereas 85 per cent of female respondents were eager to alter certain aspects of their abodes, only 76 per cent of men reported similar inclinations.

Of those polled, the majority who wanted to make changes were aged between 35 and 54. On a regional level, the Midlands and Wales were home to the highest proportion of consumers who wanted to improve their residences, with 84 per cent of respondents from these areas noting such ambitions. In contrast, those in Northern Ireland were least likely to desire to change anything.

Everest’s study also suggested that both those on lower and higher incomes were keen to change things about their homes. It discovered that 75 per cent of individuals earning less than £10,000 a year wanted to make improvements, while 85 per cent of respondents earning between £80,000 and £89,000 wished to do likewise.

These days, there are many different products that people can buy to improve their abodes. For example, a considerable number of consumers are opting to make use of beech worktops and oak worktops. Products like this have various properties that contribute to their popularity. For example, they can look impressive and they are also highly practical, meaning they can stand the test of time in busy kitchens.

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