Dads know best when it comes to DIY

There are plenty of DIY tasks that people can get stuck into at home. For example, when consumers invest in new iroko worktops, oak worktops and so on, they can fit them in their kitchens.

According to new research, many of those who engage in activities like this seek help and advice from their fathers. A study conducted by Polycell revealed that 63 per cent of young people turn to their dads when it comes to tasks of this kind, reports.

Meanwhile, a third of people in their 30s and 40s also seek assistance from their fathers when they attempt DIY jobs. In addition, it was found that one in five DIYers polled still needed fatherly pats on the back to feel proud when they had completed tasks.

The areas where fathers seem to play the biggest role when it comes to offering practical help of this kind are Northern Ireland with West Midlands.

Commenting on the findings, Polycell’s Samantha Balloch said: β€œIt’s nice to so many men are still turning to their fathers for advice. It clearly proves when it comes to DIY people still believe that dad really does know best!”

It is perhaps no surprise that so many people turn to their fathers when it comes to practical jobs around the home. After all, certain tasks can be difficult and require considerable skill.

However, thankfully for those who are unable or unwilling to seek assistance from parents, there are some jobs that can be completed with relative ease. For example, when consumers invest in new iroko worktops, oak worktops and so on, they should find the process of fitting them to be straightforward.

As long as they follow the instructions provided and do not rush the task, people tend to find it simple. Of course, to achieve the best results, they must ensure they purchase quality products in the first place.

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