Be ready for anything this summer

Summer might be taking its time to appear this year, but the changeable weather makes it more important than ever to be prepared. Planning a garden party? Then don’t forget the gazebo! Got a cold menu? Then you might want to incorporate a few hot dishes so people can warm up if necessary. In the catering industry you need to be ready for anything, and having the necessary supplies and plans in place can make all the difference.

When planning any kind of event it’s always important to have a backup plan, particularly when you’re dealing with the good old British weather. We’re experiencing baking hot sunshine one minute and monsoon-style rain the next which means you can never quite tell what’s around the corner, and if you’ve only planned for summer weather you might get a bit of a shock—don’t run the risk of your event floundering (perhaps literally), because in the catering business it’s vital to give a flawless level of service no matter what conditions you’re up against.

Always have a plan B even if plan A seems spotless, and make sure to have a menu that can be easily adapted as well as all the catering supplies you could need to ensure the event can go according to plan. If the event calls for a barbeque you might need to look for an indoor grill alternative, for example, and you’ll probably want to have extra consumables in case a gust of wind throws the gazebo into disarray—it’s all about being prepared, and that means you’ll need access to a great wholesaler.

You need to find one that can provide the food, drink and catering supplies you need to ensure you’re ready for anything, and with a bit of careful preparation and the right equipment at your side you can make sure the event will be a success no matter what the weather could throw at you.

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