Name Labels

Sending your child to school is an exciting time – but it is also expensive! Whether it is the start of their school life or simply going back to school after the holidays you’ll have a lot to buy  which can add up to quite a cost! Of course these are all items that are essential and so items that we don’t mind buying!

However just because they are expensive doesn’t mean that your child will appreciate the cost and look after it appropriately. Whether they’ve hung up their coat on the hook or they are getting changed after PE the chances are that they will lose items of clothing! This is really frustrating because children already grow out of their school uniform quick enough, without having to worry about replace items intermittently!

One of the best ways around this is to look at putting name labels in all of your child’s clothes. School office lost property cupboards are usually packed full of lost items but you can ensure that your items never end up there quite easily.

The great thing about name labels is that if anything is lost people in school will automatically know who it belongs to and will be able to return it without delay! Of course having their name in their own clothes also gives younger children the chance to read their name and get used to the letters – which is fantastic!

If you are looking for name labels for very young children then there are other options too. For example you can look at having a logo or picture next to their name  – which means that even if they can’t read their own name the will recognise the logo and know that the item is thiers!

The great thing about name labels is that there are lots of options and shopping around for these is easy! Of course it is also an added bonus that these name labels are really affordable and can save you a fortune in the long run by helping to make sure that you don’t need to replace items of clothing more often than necessary.


Have a look at the Kids Labels website if you are looking at your options surrounding  name labels .