Can hardwood flooring add value to your home?

Some property experts believe that installing hardwood flooring is an effective way of adding value to a home. When a family are looking to sell their home, potential buyers will view wood floors throughout the property as an asset that due to its durability will probably not have to be replaced for many years to come. Hardwood flooring is also very pleasing on the eye and potential buyers will see the advantages it will offer them as it will suit and go with most types of furniture. Wood flooring will also go with all colour schemes so it really offers a lot of potential.
The reason it adds value to a home is because it promotes the idea of long term savings to the buyer. They will realise they will not have to spend any money installing new floors or carpets as they already have a quality product in place. In a way just as a new kitchen will appeal to a buyer, a high quality wood flooring will also stand out.
Although many people view wood floors as key features of their home, to potential buyers, they represent the possibility of having a blank canvas. It shows them the possibility of adding their own rugs and fabrics to a room that may not be possible if there is a carpet there. Wood flooring will also offer a more classic look that will appeal to more people than a busy, out-dated carpet ever could.
For buyers with a young family a wood floor also offers them the practical style of living they may be after. It is easy to keep clean and it can also provide a healthier home with less dust mites. Mites are found in carpets and rugs so by having a wood floor there will be fewer mites in the home.

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