3 Steps to Repairing a Relationship

Have you recently experienced a break up? Are you asking yourself the question “how can I repair this relationship”? You feel most deeply that you want your partner back right now, and this is common for most people.

You feel depressed and you just don’t know what to do. You want to place a call to your partner and just plead to get back together. But do you think that is going to make things better? You would probably say yes it will! But actually it will make things worse. Thus driving an even wider chasm between you and your partner.

At this point in your relationship you need to do exactly what is opposite of what you’re feeling. If feel like phoning your partner, don’t. If you feel like texting your partner, don’t! If you feel like Facebooking your partner, don’t! Rather than doing those things simply follow the following steps.

Step 1 – How to repair the relationship with your partner: Accept what has happened!

Firstly, you need to accept what has happened. Tell your partner that you’re okay with the decision and you must allow the process of separation to begin. Once done, you will notice a dramatic decrease in the stress and tension which was experienced before the break up. Also, your partner will need some time to re-consider the relationship, and this will also give you some time as well to do the same. It is during this time of separation, your partner may realize that they still love you, and with that realization the process of reconciliation can start.

Step 2 – How to repair the relationship with your partner: Do not contact your ex partner!

Although every fiber in you is demanding that you call, don’t follow that feeling. At this point you need to cut off all communications with him or her so that they can have some breathing room. The important thing to remember is this gives your partner the impression that you have moved and you are over everything.

This breathing room will allow them to think about the relationship and weigh how they feel about it. Additionally, it will give them some to actually miss you. So while you are giving them time to miss you, you will be working on your emotions and getting control of them. This absence can make the heart grow fonder.

Step 3: How to repair the relationship with your partner: Pre-plan a meeting together

Once you accomplished the two previous steps, you then start working on planning on where, when and what you plan on saying when you meet again. During this time part you will be able to determine if your partner still loves you. And whether are not the two of you to get back together again.

Now mind you, repairing the relationship will probably a little more complicated than the 3 steps outlined her, but these starts are the start you need on the road to reconciliation

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I have lost at love in my many years but never given up on love. It is not that you have been hurt, that you have been belittled. No, it is have you learned anything.

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