What is Poly’s Detailing Fluid

What is Poly’s?

The consummate professionals in the car care and detailing world are the technicians who prepare the vehicles for car shows and specialty events. Each year 200-300 detailing technicians prep thousands of vehicles for the nearly 90 shows in the North American Auto Show Network. Since 2001, increasing numbers of these detailing professionals have experienced why Poly’s Clear-Tech Detailing Fluid is the most revolutionary and effective product they have ever used.

Poly’s is truly multi-faceted. It performs multiple functions and excels in each one. All other vehicle care products can only do one or two tasks competently. Poly’s is the only water-based product that is able to clean exteriors and interiors including leather, while leaving an incredible, protective shine on hard surfaces like paint, glass and chrome. Poly’s helps protect and preserve the cosmetic integrity of softer surfaces including clear plastics, black moldings, and window gaskets. Auto show detailers are saving significant time, money and effort by using this one amazing product. You should too.
How Is Poly’s Applied? It’s All In The Mix!

Poly’s is an easier way of washing your car. Use Poly’s like a normal car wash by adding one or two caps to every gallon of water, (1:420 dilution). You may also dry wash, spot clean, interior clean and spray-shine by adding only one cap of Poly’s to a quart of water, (1:120 dilution). Just spray on and wipe off. NO RINSE. This same multi-purpose detail spray dilution is perfect for use as a clay glide, color sanding and buffing lubricant and chrome polish. For windows, add no more than a 1/2 cap of Poly’s to a quart of water, which equals a 1:240 dilution.

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