Very best time period to become pregnant

By far the most common questions regarding being pregnant is the best time to get pregnant. Its neither the Christmas time nor the Valentine’s Day. One needs to be good in mathematics if one is seriously interested in conceiving a child as it without a doubt depends on the ovulation days. So now the question occurs that how should one determine this essential time? For individuals that are great in maths need not get worried but others should really get hold of an Ovulation Calculator.

It’s important to possess some understanding of one’s own body and its functioning in order to find out the most likely dates of ovulation. The ‘post ovulation time’ or the ‘Luteal Phase’ is the period of time in between ovulation and the 1st day of the menstrual period. This period consists of fourteen days and is similar for a lot of females. After fourteen days of the ovulation the period begins. Now what one wants to know is the date due for the following period. By counting back 12 to 16 days from this date, one is most likely to get the days of ovulation. Commonly, women who have a cycle of 28 days, ovulate on the 14th day. As this is very important to know in order to get pregnant, the ovulation date can also be checked out throughout the BBT method as well as Basal Body Temperature. This is the technique that involves the recording of vaginal temperature every morning by a BBT thermometer (with a good calibration). The thermometer indicates a higher temperature on the day of ovulation that the other days.

To explain this fact in a less complicated way, the egg starts developing from the end of the period and in between the eighth to twelfth days it is at its maximum. So the possibility of fall pregnant is the most if one has sexual activities on the eighth, the tenth and the twelfth day. This is the preferred time to have a baby. One alarming fact relevant to having a baby is the fact that egg lives just for a period of twelve to 16 hours time in a cycle! Most gynecologists are of the opinion that the expected life of the egg can vary from twelve to 24 hours. However the fertility experts say that it will likely to wither away within 15 to 16 hrs. So it will be important to hit it at the correct time!

Now its time to move the target from the Woman to the Man! If a couple has sexual intercourse on constant basis, it’s quite possible that the durability of the sperms may lack the ideal force and the sperm count may also be lower than it’s important for the fertility level. In addition to that, the rate of seminal fluid mobility can be affected. Once again, if the sexual union isn’t so consistent, they’re possibilities that the sperms develop into stale and outdated, making it lack it’s preferred vitality. In accordance with the thoughts and opinions of the fertility medical experts, coitus should happen twice weekly for optimum final result.

It’s unexpected that tough the female ovum dies within such a short time, a mans sperm survives and moves about from 2 to five days inside the vaginal canal. Keeping this information in your thoughts, it can be fruitful to have sexual activity a couple of days sooner than the date of ovulation, so that the semen receives several chances to hit the egg.

It’s important here to point out that sticking to all the previously discussed suggestions might not be enough for getting pregnant. For more support, one may turn to natural treatment options that can help find out the actual cause of a problem if there is any and then suggests treatment that’s accurate. This kind of therapies are of a wide range which includes Chinese medications to acupuncture, from exercise to helpful herbs, from change in lifestyle to a healthy and balances diet. Unlike the age-old, regular treatments which mostly fail, the alternative treatments almost always give the needed results.

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