What Makes Timber Sash Windows a Worthwhile Buy?

Retailers have been noticing a steady rise in the popularity of timber and wooden sash windows recently. In the past, they may not have always been the first window of choice, but for many people these days timber sash windows are a must have buy.

So what makes these wooden sash windows so appealing to householders up and down the country?

•    For those looking to add a bit of style and character to the outside of their home, installing timber sash windows is always going to be a winner. The traditional material will add itself well to a house front and will make it look elegant and classic. Furthermore, they should not only be limited to older more period properties as mixing traditional window designs with contemporary buildings is very a la mode right now.
•    These windows are very versatile and can be used in also any property type. They can be designed and made to order to fit around almost any window space.
•    Wood is a very durable and hardwearing material. As long as the window frames get proper weather proofing there is no reason why they shouldn’t last for a very long time.
•    For those worried about the environment and about trees being cut down to make these windows, you will be pleased to know that the majority of timber windows these days come from a sustainable source. Simply keep an eye out for the FSC or PEFC logo.
•    Modern timber windows are very effective at keeping in the heat unlike older designs. They can make your home up to 74 per cent more energy efficient according to results found by the Energy Saving Trust.
•    Homeowners want to be able to have more control and installing timber windows allows them to be able to do this. They can open the windows up as far as they want and as they are contained within their own wooden frame, they also take up less space than some other designs.

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