The Rise Of Leather Jackets.

Sales of leather jackets have increased online, which is no surprise due the items versatility and ability to survive in the fashion circuit.

Throughout history, the jacket was common among bikers, rock stars and punks. They are also commonly used for military aviator and police uniforms, which were versions designed for protection rather than fashion. By the 20th Century, it had gained iconic status and became current with British and American youth. This was mainly thanks to the film and television industry who at the time, portrayed well liked, trendy characters sporting them.

It was originally used and designed for men but is now a notable fashion item for both men and women throughout the world, with the only differences between them mostly in relation to fit and style.

They are commonly produced in darkened colours, with black and brown leather jackets being the most often seen. However, the jacket has been produced in a selection of differing versions and styled in diverse ways depending on its purpose and also, the subculture it has been adopted by.

There are immense differences between those produced for protection and those for fashion. The protective types are heavier, thicker and are aimed with durability and strength in mind, whereas the fashionable types are mostly very light constructions, and designed to be pleasing to the eye or make a statement. Whatever its purpose, the jackets have never seriously gone out of fashion, even though it has been reinterpreted and modified depending on current social and fashion trends.

The leather jacket has always been a big seller during the winter months. However, they are now also selling well throughout the year, even in the warmer seasons, with the cropped style being a favourite choice for women. This is a result of the fashionable and light weight versions and is especially the case in the UK, and other countries where the seasons are not very distinct and the summer months are not extremely hot.

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