Foam Swords Gives excellent reasons Practice Weapons

The reason to use a foam sword?

About battling within LARP, Fighting techinques and Fencing along with within films, foam swords became the #1 weapon of. Foam sword fighting ‘s been around for around 21 years and it’s been created and enhanced and perfected over those years. With foam sword fighting, virtually no protective clothing is essential, and also the style is a lot more like that the knight might fight with a weapon and shield.

How come I look at a foam sword over the replica sword?

Choosing a foam sword being a practice sword is wonderful in terms of learning brand-new abilities and methods while still delivering the fundamental safety of the practice replica. Practice swords produced from high quality rubber foam enable you to get better in the historical tips for self defense.

These kind of practice foam blades provide you with the appear and feel of the real thing. . It’s simple to practice your sword strategies and learn new skills with no risks or expenses of employing actual steel swords. It’s not hard for most novice LARPERS or sword fighting fanatics to confuse a foam sword using a Boffer sword. Boffers tend to be made by hand swords that use PCV piping, foil and duct tape. Most of these swords could possibly inflict harm otherwise used properly.

Fighting styles experts, re-enactors and stunt people almost all need gear to have their skill set and they also would rather use foam swords within their everyday use for practical and safety reasons.

What kinds of people would work with a foam sword?


Live Action Role Playing, a.k.a. LARP is truly a role-playing pastime when a characters actions are physically and mentally acted out. Each and every character is really an identity which fits directly into an imaginary role within the game setting. Inside all the games, numerous weaponry, costumes and settings are widely-used. Regulations happen to be quickly changing inside LARP games and safeness of the players is key. This is why foam swords are rapidly turning out to be the blade of preference throughout the numerous fighting scenes.


About building basic fencing skills, most newcomers will opt for a foam weapon over real fencing foil. Foam fencing foils assistance to acquire basic fencing capabilities and never have to spend money on every one of the real fencing equipment.


Foam swords for children make a fantastic toy; they are very safe and fun to try out with, parent approved plus they leave no marks about the child’s skin. Foam swords and shields have been developed with realistic role-play in your mind and have been created and developed for safe playtime fun for all ages from Preschool up. Maybe it’s a budding Robin Hood, Knight in the Round table or perhaps a fearless dragon slaying adventure, children can enjoy the make believe fun that foam swords and shields aim at.

Martial Arts Events

Foam weapons will often be used in fights more comparable to martial arts competitions. These competitions often resemble historic reenactment combat but need significantly less protective gear. Foam weapons will also be used in quite a few sport-like battle games.

SCA Activities

SCA or Society for Creative Anachronism often use foam rapiers inside their fencing practices. In their melees a genuine rapier is utilized, but in order to pass the SCA judges authorizations, knowledge and demonstration of safe practices must first be challenged. For these reasons, individuals inside the SCA will use foam rapiers while practicing to boost their skills.

Foam Swords

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