CPD Bodies Limited is the leading vehicle body builder in the UK

Have you found yourself with a need to find a vehicle body builder? Have you scoured commercial body builders in the UK, though have been left decidedly underwhelmed by the distinct lack of viable and affordable companies? If you can surely answer yes to any or both of these questions then the only name that you need to consider is CPD Bodies Limited.

Based in Stockton-on-Tees CPD Bodies Limited is a commercial vehicle body builder and repairer that specialise in hand-built premium truck and van bodies. Here at CPD Bodies Limited we understand that in the present economic climate that it is impossible to stand still. With this in mind the ethos of our business is one of continual evolution. We consistently strive to provide our customers with the most innovative vehicle body builder solutions for all manner of commercial vehicles.

Indeed, as testament to the quality of our vehicle body builder services we were featured in February’s copy of CV Dealer magazine. With such considerable growth in a short space of time then there is little doubt that our meticulous commitment to customer service, some of the most affordable prices of any vehicle body builder in the UK, reliable delivery times, and the fact that we are proud partners of Northgate Vehicle Hire, the foremost vehicle hire business in the UK, that we have the commitment and expertise to manage most any vehicle body builder request that you may ask of us.

Our location allows us to access to all areas of the UK through the reliable motorway network that is located in close proximity to our premises. In addition, we hold the prestigious accreditation of ISO 9001: 2008, therefore we are able to ensure that all standards and procedures of the finest quality.

To find out more information about our commercial body builders, or indeed if you have decided to use the leading repairer and vehicle body builder in the UK, then you need to come directly to: www.cpdbodies.com.



We recommend using the services of a specialist vehicle body builder for your work such as CPD Bodies. The advantage of dealing with commercial body builders is their greater experience at dealing with vehicle repairs and builds.


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