A Guide To Used Watches

Whether you are looking to buy or sell used watches there are a number of factors that will prove pivotal in determining how much you pay or receive for your watch. The age and quality of the item, the company that made them, and whether the particular watch is considered especially collectible for any reason are just some of these factors but there are others too.

Rolex And other Manufacturers
Rolex watches are, of course, the most famous of prestige watch brands and they have a rich history of manufacturing, selling, and even giving away some of the finest and technically most advanced watches in history. Other watch brands including Cartier, Patek Phillippe, and Franck Muller are other watch brands that you should keep an eye out for because these are highly sought after in their own rights too.

Condition And Damage
The condition of used items is always important but especially so with watches. Ensure that they keep time, the mechanisms work, and that you are aware of any damage to the face, the back, or the strap. If the damage is hardly noticeable and you still wish to own the watch then you may be able at least to get some money off the asking price.

Watch Material And Value
Watches can be made from a variety of different materials. Gold and other precious metals are especially valuable at the moment but unless a second hand gold watch is made by a major name or is highly sought after for another reason then it may be that the gold value is more than the aesthetic value. In which case you may be able to make as much by selling the watch as scrap gold as you would trying to sell it as a used watch.

Buying And Selling Used Watches
Used watches can offer buyers the chance to buy a high quality watch from a major watch manufacturing name at a reduced price. On the other side of the coin, it is also possible for watch owners to sell their used watches in order to raise cash for any purpose.

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