Door Mats

When choosing a door mat most people just look for the right colour and that’s it.

There are far more important criterion for choosing a door mat than just the colour.

For instance is the door mat going to be laid on carpet or a hard floor?

When choosing a door mat to be placed on carpet it is important to choose one that will not ‘creep’. The best type of door mat for this situation is one with a cleated back. These are like little nodules on the back of a door mat that help the mat grip the carpet and so prevent movement.

Whilst a smooth backed door mat is ideal for hard floors, put one down on a carpeted surface and you will be forever moving it back into position.

An ideal mat for carpeted surfaces is the Lustre door mat which is available from

The pile that the door mat is constructed from is also very important and should be absorbent to remove moisture from wet shoes. The pile should also be so constructed as to remove and trap dust and debris from foot traffic.

Consideration should be given to how you intend to clean the doormat. Some door mats are machine washable which is the easiest way to clean a door mat. However, many are not, although they may be suitable to hose off or extraction clean.

Also be aware of the thickness of the mat as many people buy a door mat and then realise that it is too thick for their door to open properly.

So when choosing a door mat, take a little more time to consider all the variables and if you choose the right mat, not only will it last you for years but it will also be effective in helping to keep your home or office floors clean and dry.

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