What You Ought To Know About The Gothic Coats?

When you think of a Gothic long leather trench coat and you might think of a defiant teenager who wants to shock you. Ineptly it is human nature to stereotype other citizens and we often get it very wrong!

So what is this kind of coat, who made it a fashion item, and who is wearing it now?

What Is It?

It is usually black in colour, whereas it can be seen in other colours such as a crimson red or dark brown.

The fabric is most commonly leather or PVC, but cotton, faux fur, velvet, suede or other materials are also often used.

It may be clad in safety pins, studs, chains, D rings, or laces.

The other side of the garment may have some extra detailing on the top part, such as an picture of a skeleton or a demon.

The Gothic trench coat may possibly have a long or short cape, or a , which is sometimes detachable or not.

What Made It A Fashion Item?

Back in the late 70’s the ‘Punk’ movement began. Spiky hair, bondage trousers, safety pins through lips, and a long Gothic trench coat, were all trademarks of the ‘Punk’.

Soon, the appearance evolved into what was to be known as the ‘Goth’ image. The ‘Goth’ would be dressed almost always in black, with black dyed hair, and black makeup, for both males and females.

Who Wears Leather Gothic Coats?

Many people have selected this technique of coat as their own form, which includes; Emo’s, Rock music and Heavy Metal fans, Punks as well as S&M and Bondage fetish fans.

The Gothics still have their own identification overall image and the coat is more matched with the Gothics than with any other order of people.

As the years pass and new forms develop, what will the future reveal further about the Gothic coat?

Who will be next to take onits form and transform it to there own liking and will this new incarnation be accepted by the masses or will it be only chosen by the few?

The gothic trench coat is worn by many, but always worn by someone who doesn’t mind being noticed.

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