Detailing Your Truck’s Interior

For truck lovers who spend most of their time working on their trucks for hours or even days just to present it on their selves as a precious gift, cleaning the interior is more important than the exterior. Enthusiasts will spend most of their time detailing their trucks’ inside and it will still make sense. Technically, there are two surfaces of a truck’s interior which are divided into: the breathable surfaces which include the cloth of the truck’s seats and the vinyl such as the dashboard.

Step 1 – Vacuum
Before plugging in the vacuum and inhaling everything that comes in contact, you have to first remove the things that will go against your work like the mats, auto kits, etc. You must use a strong kind of vacuum. The small ones which run through rechargeable batteries will not be enough more so those that are plugged inside the lighter plug of your truck. It is more advisable that you use something more powerful like your home’s vacuum cleaner. That would be perfect for the job.

Remove the mats and just do the cleaning separately. Vacuum everything in sight which includes those that will soon be cleaned with liquid cleaner. Use a brush for places inside your truck that could get marred with any impact coming from solid edge attachments.

Step 2 – Do the vinyl
This is easier than vacuuming. Just use a vinyl cleaner like Simple Green which is pretty much available in automobile stores and the like. Dilute part of the concentration to water then go intense for stains that are stubborn. Drench the soft cloth inside the mixture then apply it in a liberal manner to the concerned sections. After applying, dry it up immediately using a towel made from microfiber. This is not advised to be used in metallic surfaces.

Step 3 – Innermost cleaning
If you have the strength for it, remove the truck seats every time you do interior detailing. That is how thorough your cleaning should be. It will be easier on your part to clean the interior if you have no seats to hinder your cleaning although there are trucks that don’t allow you to remove the seats so you have to work hard just to get the dirt out of the tiny spaces present on your truck seats.

Step 4 – Floor mat cleaning
This is also easy. After removing them from your truck’s interior, whale away then hose them and consider them as part of the wash job exteriorly. Majority who do this gets most of the dirt out but some may find it quite difficult. If the exterior washing doesn’t get the job done, then it is now necessary to apply a truckpet cleaner then brush it.

Clean the part of the driver’s seat covered in vinyl with whatever chosen equivalent you have available. Never try treating the area with dressing for it will cause some problems like the driver getting slipped and may have difficulties in pedals.

Tough tip: it is always good to use hot or warm water whenever you plan on cleaning your interior. You can heat it up in a microwave although this strategy is only meant for those who are doing it at home because when it comes to professional truck detailing, the model will be stronger. Other models will provide provisions for water heating.

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