Fashion Staples this Winter: Womens Coats

While everyone needs to wear a coat for the harsh winter months, this season, women’s coats are becoming important with regards to fashion. This season’s womens coats are more elaborate, and tailored. It will be very common this winter season to see coats that cinch in the waistline either with a sash, or by tailoring design. This season, women’s coats will also fall down to the calves. There won’t be very many three quarter length women’s jackets on the horizon this winter fashion season. Either coats will be short, or they will be very long.

Here is a look at four prominent coat styles for women that will be on trend for winter 2011/2012:

Heavy Duty Trench Coats: The trench coat is evergreen, with regards to womens coats. This coat style has been going strong for well over 60 years. However, this is a coat that is usually featured either in the spring, or in the fall. This year, the trench coat will be seen during the winter months as well. The coats will feature thicker lining and indeed, many classic manufacturers of women’s trench coats will create a warm coat insert, in order to protect women against harsh winter wind. This coat is appropriate for any ensemble, casual or formal.

Puffy Coats: This season, puffy womens coats are very on trend. As a matter of fact, women, men and children will be seen wearing these fashionable versions of parka jackets. They look like parka ski jackets, in that they are very puffy. The fashion version of these jackets will be tailored to cinch at the waistline for women. They will come in a wide variety of colors. Some of these womens jackets will even feature hoods, in order to provide another layer of warmth and winter protection.

Chunky Knit Jackets: This season’s chunky knit jackets will look like heavier versions of the wide collared cardigans that are popular this time of year. Many women would rather wear womens coats that resemble cardigans. These coats will feature cozy warm colours and prints. They will either button up, or zipper up. These are perfect womens jackets to wear when the weather isn’t too harsh. Sometimes, the weather can warm up a little in the middle of winter. These are perfect womens coats for unseasonably warm winter days.

Camel Coats: Camel coats are womens coats for those who desire easy glamour. Their camel colour makes them a perfect match for any ensemble. These coats are long, and many of these coats will feature a sash that ties the coat around the waistline. This is the perfect coat to wear to the office, to parties, or even with a nice pair of jeans and a chunky, dressy sweater. Turtleneck sweaters go especially well with these womens coats.

These are all womens coats that will not only be on trend this season, but will also make a wide variety of women look effortlessly great.

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