Women can never have enough clothes

There’s no doubting the fact that many women love shopping for glamorous clothing. For a lot of female consumers, stocking up on new items of women’s fashion clothing is the ultimate in retail therapy.

Indeed, new research from Sure Women Linen Dry has revealed that the average woman spends almost £84,000 on clothes in her lifetime. However, despite this impressive sum, 60 per cent of ladies still struggle to find something to wear to work or for a night out with friends.

A poll conducted by the firm found that the average women spends £83,498 on new garments over the years and 41 per cent of respondents admitted to changing their outfits at least twice a day and re-applying make-up up to five times each day. Meanwhile, one in four ladies check themselves out in the mirror five times or more on a daily basis.

Over the course of their lives, women buy roughly 3,109 fashion items, including 271 pairs of shoes, 145 bags and 185 dresses. Meanwhile, ten per cent noted they buy at least one item of women’s fashion clothing or accessories every week.

It seems as though some people have a guilty conscience about their shopping habits, with 14 per cent of the women polled revealing they have hidden purchases from their partners.

Speaking to the Mirror, Sure for Women assistant brand manager Julie Spearman said: “Women never seem to have enough clothes. Many feel the pressure to keep up with ever-changing fashions and this means they’re always buying something new.”

These days, it is easier than ever for ladies to stock up on new items of glamorous clothing. Many choose to go online to find the products they are after. After all, this can be convenient and often people can access more choice and better deals in this way.

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